Ukrainian public youth organization "Ukrainian Youth Tourist Association" (further - Association) is the non-profitable youth organization.

The primary goals of Association: assistance to youth initiatives in tourist sphere, assistance to creation of the advanced infrastructure of youth tourism in Ukraine, creation of recommendations on assistance to youth tourism on the part of executive and legislature, promotion of the Ukrainian youth tourist product both inside the country, and behind its limits.

Permanent programs of Association: Ukrainian Youth Tourist Club, Youth Tourism of Ukraine - Unification and Eurointegration, Social tourism: the European quality without barrier and restrictions, International Youth Summer Camp.

Representative Offices of the Association are situated in 17 provincies and regions of Ukraine:

AR Crimea (Simferopol)
Cherkassy province (Cherkassy)
Chernihiv province (Chernihiv)
Chernivtsi province (Chernivtsi)
Dnipropetrovsk province (Dnipropetrovsk)
Donetsk province (Donetsk)
Zaporizhzhya province (Zaporizhzhya)
Kharkiv province (Kharkiv)
Kherson province (Nova Kakhovka)
Kyiv province (Korzhi vill., Baryshivka region)
Luhansk province (Luhansk)
Lviv province (Lviv)
Mykolayiv province (Mykolayiv)
Odessa province (Odessa)
Poltava province (Komsomolsk)
Sumy province (Sumy)

Address: National Aviation University, 1 Kosmonavta Komarova Ave., Build. I, Office #144, Kyiv, Ukraine
Postal address: 2/4 Tropinina str., Office #7, Kyiv-04107, Ukraine
Tel./fax +380 (44) 592-4865, 489-5877