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Burada siz istenilan sahalar uzra is elanlari barasinda malumatlarinizi yerlasdira bilarsiniz!




Community Mobilization Officers 

Save the Children Federation (SCF), international non-profit development organization working in Azerbaijan since 1993, is recruiting Community Mobilization Officers for its Community Investment Program based in Ganja and Kurdemir offices. Community Mobilization Team and partner National NGOs will work and provide required technical support to Ijma Groups. CMOs will be responsible for community mobilization work and their capacity building through trainings and the micro-projects implemented by them. He/She will submit written progress report on monthly basis to Senior Community Mobilization Officer.


" Achieve increasing of community participation in community decision making
" Support of community groups in all stages of implementing of community priority projects.
" Closely work with various stakeholders like government authorities, business companies and community based organizations for involving them to  successful implementation of consolidate budget competition
" Involving, mentoring of sub-grantee LNGO (Bilik and Young enlighteners to learn SC community mobilization skills and techniques
" Encourage community to expand the possible benefit of the projects to other communities.
" Providing  of communities with the required trainings 

Required Qualifications:
" Strong organizational skills
" Five years experience in the field of community development
" Report writing skills
" Written and oral fluency in Azeri
" Ability to work as a team member
" Computer skills and competency in standard MS office applications (MS Word, Excel and internet
" Willingness to work long hours/week-ends in order to meet goals and objectives of the program whenever required

Please e-mail your CV to the attention of Irada Yuzbeyova, Operations and HR Manager, at, and Ramin Melikov head of Admin and Finance Unit in CIP at no later than Wednesday, January 23, 2008. Only short listed candidates will be called for an interview and informed of their application status. Please do not follow up with phone calls.



VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT - Young Enlighteners Organization of Azerbaijan

Position/Title: Project Coordinator

Office/Project: Community Investment Programme III – West conducted by Save Children Federation (SCF) and implemented by YEOA.

Entry Date: 1 February 2008

Duration: 17 months with possibility of extension

Duty Station: Ganja

• Supervise and support Community Mobilization Officers in all stages of community mobilization process.
• Take active role in overall planning, implementation and monitoring of community mobilization activities.
• Train project staff and equip them with the required skills such as PRA techniques, training of trainer skills, etc.
• Work together with Project Implementation Team for Preparation of training materials and conduct training package for communities.
• Support and help communities in ensuring that the selected micro project best meets the immediate needs of the majority in the community.
• Encourage community to expand the possible benefit of the projects to other communities.
• Work closely with local government and business companies for successful implementation of consolidate budget competition.
• Ensure that sub-grantee NGO staff participate community events and learn SC community mobilization skills and techniques

Qualifications: • Strong leadership capacity and organizational skills
• Three  years experience in the field of community development
• Advanced report writing skills
• Written and oral fluency in English and Azeri
• Ability to work as a team member
• Advanced computer skills and competency in standard MS office applications (MS Word, Excel, Power Point) and internet
• Willingness to work long hours/week-ends in order to meet goals and objectives of the program whenever required

Application Deadline: 23 January 2008

Terms of Application CVs should be sent to the following e-mail only:
Eldar Aslanov the  the President of YEOA, at .

Note: YEOA is seeking for responsible employees



Vezifenin adi: Media ve İctimaiyyetle Elaqeler uzre Menecer

Secki Monitorinq Merkezi (SMM)

      Vezifenin tesviri:

      Vezife selahiyyetleri:
 Teskilatin fealiyyeti barede teqdimat senedleri ve Press relizlerin hazirlanmasi ve yayilmasi
 Media ve İctimaiyyetle elaqelerin saxlanilmasi
 Teskilatdaxili isciler ve konullulerle elaqelerin saxlanilmasi
 İctimaiyyet ucun hazirlanan senedlerinin tercumesi
 Teskilatin İnternet sehifesinin yenilenmesi ve idare olunmasi

      Esas telebler ve bacariqlar:

 Humanitar elmler uzre ali ve ya natamam ali tehsil;
 Azerbaycan ve ingilis dillerini mukemmel bilmek;
 Rus dilinde minimum seviyyede bilmek;
 Secki Mecellesi, Mulki Prosessual Mecelle, KİV ve media uzre qanunvericilik, hemcinin İnzibati xetalar Mecellesini minimum seviyyede bilmek;
 Azerbaycan Respublikasinda kecirilen seckilerde istirak tecrubesi;
 Microsoft Office proqramlarinda islemek;
 Qeyri-biznes sektorunda is tecrubesine malik;
 30 yas heddi
 Evvelki is yerinden xasiyyetname vacibdir

Maraqlananlar oz Tercumeyi Hal melumatlarini SMM-in Proqram saheleri uzre Direktoru Besir Suleymanliya (elektron unvani: subject: Ekspert) gondere biler.


SMM Azerbaycanda secki sisteminin, vetendas cemiyyeti ve
demokokratiyanin inkisafi yonunde fealiyyet gosteren biteref ve
musteqil qeyri-hokumet teskilatidir.



The British Council is looking for experienced and self-motivated people to cover Temporary Staff needs (for Projects, Customer Services and Resources departments). The successful candidates will be included in the British Council temporary staff database and only people from this list will be invited to cover our needs for temporary staff. It should be noted that these positions operate on an “as required” basis. The successful candidates will be appointed as and when needed, and not on a temporary, full-time basis.
All applicants are required to complete a job application form, and submit it by e-mail to Only electronic applications are acceptable. Please note that CVs are not acceptable.
Download further information and an application from
Closing date for applications is 18.00 on Wednesday, 30th January 2008. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.



Mehmanxana biznesinda karyera qurmaq istayirsan?

Her vaxtiniz xeyir, eziz gencler.

Azerbaycan Ganclar Turizm Klubu mutamadi olaraq turizm firmalari ve mehmanxanalarla yaxindan amakdasliq edib, onlarda olan vakant yerlari barasinda informasiyalar elde edir.

Hazirda bir neca mehmanxanada biza vakant yerlar taklif olunub.

Eger kiminsa oz karyerasini mehmanxanada qurmaq niyyati varsa onda asagidaki kontaktlarla Fuad Mehraliyevla alaqa saxlaya bilarsiniz.

Mobile: 0553260780

Xatirladim ki, hazirki vakant yerlar, "Reception" vazifasinadir.

ALLAH amaninda


Ilham Yusifov



Dear forum members,

Have you every wanted to play a role in choosing FLEX students?  If yes, consider applying to be a FLEX Recruiter Assistant!  This is a great job for those of you who just finished university this year.  You will have the opportunity to perform tasks and gain experiences that you would not get at an entry-level position in the business world!

Join us and administer the FLEX competition tests and conduct interviews with students wanting to become FLEX Alumni!

These positions are open to anyone who meets the qualifications, so please send this on to anyone you know currently looking for an exciting and challenging job.

Please see the attached file for instructions on how to apply.

The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program encourages long-lasting peace and understanding between the U.S. and the emerging democracies of the former Soviet Union. FLEX provides opportunities for high school students (ages 15-17) from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and to spend a year in the United States, living with a family and attending an American high school. The program's major goal is democracy-building exposing likely future leaders of these countries to our democratic society and free market economy.


American Councils for International Education is currently hiring for full-time temporary Recruiting Assistant positions. The duration of work will be end-August to December 31st, 2008.

Recruiting assistants work with American recruiters and recruit for the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX). Recruiting assistants are responsible for assisting with all aspects of participant recruitment including, but not limited to: advertising competitions; making program presentations; conducting testing; interviewing candidates; and associated record-keeping and report writing. Recruiting assistants must also interact with local professionals and local governmental and educational organizations in dispersing information about the FLEX program.

The Azerbaijan Program Hub is responsible for conducting recruiting in approximately 6 regions of Azerbaijan.  This position will therefore require at least 50% of the job to be spent on the road.  Applicants should be outgoing and highly motivated, able to think on their feet and solve problems on the move. A mandatory training conference for new recruiting assistants will be held August 18 - 22 in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

• University degree;
• Native Azerbaijani;
• Conversational English;
• Experience traveling under difficult conditions;
• Strong organizational skills;
• Outstanding interpersonal skills;
• Demonstrated time management skills;
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs desirable.

All interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to Ramina Murshudova, the FLEX Program Coordinator, by e-mail ( and Afa Ibrahimova (  or by tel/fax (99412) 4367529/30/31, no later than 18 July 2008. Interviews with select candidates will be conducted shortly afterwards.

Anticipated Appointment Date: 18 August 2007



"men Iqtisad Universitetinin telebesiyem.. kim mene meslehet verer, rushvetsiz harda ishe duzele bilerem???"

Siz evvel universiteti bitirin sonra ise AccessBanka cv verin. Bash varsa tanishsiz ve rushvetsiz ora gireceksiniz. 100 % qarantiya verirem (amma, kredit mutexessisi vezifesine deqiq, o biri vezifelere bashla girmek olub-olmamagimdan xeberim yoxdu).



Если вам все равно, что ваш бывший начальник думает о ваших делах (при условии, что они у вас разные) я бы на вашем месте оторвалась бы. Напридумывала такого, чтоб обзавидывался и устремился к более высоким показателям в собственном труде. 
А вот если ваши дела соприкасаются, то таких приятельниц можно использовать для нужной в деле дезинформации (ну там «запустить» что-то для вас выгодное, чтобы конкурент расслабился и не мешал). Но, есть вероятность и проиграть, важно правильно оценить свой потенциал в этих манипуляциях.



Peşəkar komanda – heç zaman dəyərdən düşməyən Kapital deməkdir! Bu gün “Unibank” ASC-ti Azərbaycanın ən cəlbedici iştəminatçıları sırasına daxildir.



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