Transferring Sharpening Levels

You can transfer sharpening levels from one gear to a different, albeit the 2 things aren't identical buy revelation online gythil sort (i.e. you'll transfer sharpening levels from armor to weapon). once you try this the receiving item can have all of its sharpening levels worn out and replaced with transferring item’s sharpening level.

The transferring item should even have the next sharpening level than the receiving item. The sharpening transfer is finished on the first tab within the instrumentality upgrade interface so decide the 2d tab.

Usually the transferring won’t fail however at high sharpening levels (i.e. +10) there's an opportunity that the transferring would possibly fail and you lose +1 sharpening throughout the revelation online imperial coins transferring. in this case, you'll be supplied with Associate in Nursing choice to pay some materials to confirm a non-fail.

Along with the sharpening levels, any hidden stats gained at +5, +9 and +13 also will be transferred. Some hidden stats can not be transferred if they are doing not match the kind of the item. in this case you'll see a fail message and a cheap revelation online imperial coins replacement hidden stat are rolled.All of these by online now.... so come to playerhot for more revelation online gold cheap.. come on!